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Game Pragmatic Play : The Big Dawgs

Updated: Mar 28

The Big Dawgs

Get ready for a barking good time with The Big Dawgs.

Players are presented with a 5×5 game grid, with wins being awarded when matching combinations of symbols are made horizontally or vertically. A tumble feature sees these combinations removed from play, with the remaining symbols dropping to the bottom of the grid and empty positions being filled from above.

With each winning combination made, a Super Wild will appear in the middle of the winning position. Any Wild produced by matching high-paying symbols or other Wilds will carry a x2 multiplier for boosted winning chances, being applied to any win it is part of. If only Wilds are left on the screen after a tumble sequence, a multiplier is automatically awarded.

What to expect:

  • Two free spins bonus rounds are available – the Dirty DAWGS round sees players awarded with five free games, with each cascade increasing the win multiplier per spin

  • The Double DAWGS round awards ten super free spins, with the win multiplier staying persistent throughout the entire round

  • Super Colossal Wilds are active during this bonus round, offering up huge chances to win.

🚀Game Demo For The Big Dawgs at the Races🚀 


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